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Do you want to create bar code stickers for postal services? Download 2d Barcode Maker software from
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2D Barcode Maker
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29 May 2013

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This tool lets you design linear and 2D bar codes.

This software tool helps design linear and 2D bar codes that are useful in many areas of the industry. This 2D Barcode maker software to create code labels for postal mail documents. The labels could be made for banking use too. The utility has a simple interface. Most users should be able to start using this software very easily as no prior training or technical skills are assumed. The design process starts with choice of linear or 2D bar code. Barcode value is to be entered thereafter. You could have options of adding a checksum and of showing the checksum. Barcode header and barcode footer can be specified and added to the label being designed. Then comes the alignment of the bar code. Bar height specification and the bar alignment can be determined.

Hide barcode value and header are two options that may be required in some applications and this tool will let you select those. Other settings are organized under several tabs. These include general settings, font related settings, color settings and image settings. Often, you need a series on labels and this tool allows creation of such labels in three different ways. Sequential, constant value series and random series labels could be produced easily. For the sequential series you could specify prefix, suffix and the range of numbers. For the constant value series, the value and the number of labels to be produced are specified. When you have a bar code production need, this is a tool that could be useful. This is a good tool and is handy.

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Do you know how to design eye-catching bar code labels for post office usage? Visit company website provides 2d Barcode Maker software helps to create colorful bar code labels for postal mail documents and banking documents. Barcode label creator application enables non technical users to simply design and print stickers for tagging letters and parcels to enhance security level. Barcode generator software is able to create bar code labels for labeling banking demand draft, passbook and other documents.
2D Barcode Maker
2D Barcode Maker
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